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Author: Joss Sheldon

Release Date: 23 August 2018



Beloved friend,

The year is 2084, and that famous Margaret Thatcher quote has become a reality: There really is no such thing as society. No one speaks to anyone else. No one looks at anyone else. People don’t collaborate, they only compete.

I hate to admit it, but this has had tragic consequences. Unable to satisfy their social urges, the population has fallen into a pit of depression and anxiety. Suicide has become the norm.

It all sounds rather morbid, does it not? But please don’t despair, there is hope, and it comes in the form of our hero: Renee Ann Blanca. Wishing to fill the society-shaped hole in her life, our Renee does the unthinkable: She goes in search of human company! It’s a radical act and an enormous challenge. But that, I suppose, is why her tale’s worth recounting. It’s as gripping as it is touching, and I think you’re going to love it…

Your trusty narrator,



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Perhaps I should start at the beginning.

No, that really wouldn’t do. I must start this tale a long, long time before it begins.

You see, between your era and mine, here in the year 2084, the world has changed so much that it would be remiss of me not to bring you up to date. I fear, beloved friend, that the adventures of our hero, Renee Ann Blanca, wouldn’t make much sense if I didn’t provide a little context.

It may not surprise you to learn that the world will change dramatically over the course of the decades you’re about to experience. You live in times of unprecedented change yourself. But to understand the world you’ll live in tomorrow, you need to look backwards, not forwards, to 1979, and the election of Margaret Thatcher.

Thatcher’s ideology can be summed up by a single, prophetic quote. That short statement, a mere seven words long, would change the world forever.

It’s hard for us to imagine Margaret Thatcher as she spoke those seven words. Very few of my contemporaries have ever seen a picture of the Iron Lady. People these days are far too occupied with themselves to pay attention to anyone else. I do have an image in my mind of the former PM, although I can’t be sure if it’s correct. To me, she’s a colossus; halfmachine, half-human, with a helmet of metallic hair, shoulder pads made of steel and a tongue which could fire off bullets.

I digress. The way Thatcher looked is of no importance. We should be focussing our attention on those seven prophetic words. Those seven, tiny words, which weren’t in the slightest bit true, which had never been true, but which would become the only truth there was:


Thatcher’s voice pierced. It was a vinegary screech. It was an autocratic squeal. Poetry without colour. A shadow without light.


A static hush buzzed between words.


A distant footstep failed to echo.


A gasp was swallowed.


A camera flashed.


An eyelash fell.


“There is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women, and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people. And people must look after themselves. It’s our duty to look after ourselves.”

With these seven words, the Cult of the Individual was born.

During the decades which followed, everyone would be forced to join.

By the time our hero was born, in the year 2060, Thatcher’s claim had become a reality. There really was no such thing as society. Our Renee was all alone.

~ About Author ~

JossJoss Sheldon is a scruffy nomad, unchained free-thinker, and post-modernist radical. Born in 1982, he was brought up in one of the anonymous suburbs which wrap themselves around London’s beating heart. Then he escaped!

With a degree from the London School of Economics to his name, Sheldon had spells selling falafel at music festivals, being a ski-bum, and failing to turn the English Midlands into a haven of rugby league.

Then, in 2013, he ran off to McLeod Ganj; an Indian village which plays home to thousands of angry monkeys, hundreds of Tibetan refugees, and the Dalai Lama himself. It was there that Sheldon wrote his debut novel, ‘Involution & Evolution’.

With several positive reviews to his name, Sheldon had caught the writing bug. He traveled to Palestine and Kurdistan, where he researched his second novel, ‘Occupied’; a dystopian masterpiece unlike anything you’ve ever read.

But it was with his third novel, ‘The Little Voice’, that Sheldon really hit the big time; topping the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, and gaining widespread critical acclaim.

In 2017 he returned with ‘Money Power Love’; a love story that charts the rise of the British Empire, and the way in which bankers, with the power to create money out of nothing, were able to shape the world we live in today.

Now Sheldon is back with what is arguably his best novel to date, ‘INDIVIDUTOPIA’. Fans of 1984 will love this dystopian classic, set in a world where corporations have destroyed society, and no one speaks to anyone else. This is a human story, full of hope, and an adventure, in which our hero does everything she can to escape…

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